CORTHE is an abbreviation for Corneotherapy,
It restores skin barrier to recover barrier function and creates healthier skin.

  • dermo pure line

    AC.Net is highly capable of controlling dead skin cell
    and secretion of sebum to solve problem skin.

    #Resolving skin Problems  #Normalization of the exfoliation cycle
    #Sebum control

  • dermo rejuvenation line

    CTSTM substance (EGF, FGF) which processed human growth factor
    It enhances and gives strength for damaged skin barrier.

    #Enhance skin elasticity  # Affect epidermal growth factor
    #Restoration effect for aged tissue

  • dermo essential line

    It enhances skin moisture barrier by forming monolayer film
    To improve skin moisture retention capability and keep moisture.

    #Increase moisture content  #Reduce skin moisture loss
    #Improve moisture retention capability

  • dermo bright line

    Nonapeptide-1, a whitening peptide by biomimetic technology
    It works effectively into the spotted skin

    #Whitening care  #Control_Melanophorotropin
     #Inhibit melanogenesis synthesis

  • dermo sensitive line

    The Centella artica component helps to soothe sensitive
    and/or irritated skin

    #Relief sensitive skin  #Improve skin elasticity  #Skin moisturizing

  • dermo protection line

    The BNSV12 substances provides nutrition and vitality
    To maintain skin health.

    #Anti-oxidant effect  #UV protection  #Nutrition

It consists of systematic formula based on dermo-cosmetics.
To Focus and solve skin problem with dermatological solution.